SIMPLY TRAVEL SLU (from now on SIMPLY TRAVEL ) with domicile in C/ Luis Freire number 1, 1º C - 15706 - Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña - Spain with CIF B70382395 represented by Marta Ribadulla Nogueira with NIF 44843314F puts to disposal in his website determinate contents of informative character on his activities.

The present general conditions govern only and exclusively the use of the website of SIMPLY TRAVEL by part of the USERS that access to the same. The present general conditions expose him to the USER in the website in all and each one of the pages and every time that an USER enters his data in the existent forms, so that it read them, print them, file and accept through internet, not being able to the USER enter his data sure enough without that have produced this acceptance.

SIMPLY TRAVEL SLU Is inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Mercantile Register of Santiago de Compostela, the 13/08/2013, Leaf SC-46.814, Volume 203, Folio 211, Registration 1ª.

The access to the website of SIMPLY TRAVEL involves without reservation the acceptance of the present general conditions of use that the USER affirms to comprise in his whole. The USER engages to not using the website and the services that offer in the same for the realisation of contrary activities to the law and to respect at all times the present general conditions.


1.1.-The utilisation of the website of SIMPLY TRAVEL does not comport the forcing of registration of the USER, except if this USER wish to use the database of existent articles in where will be precise that register covering a basic form, this subscription will govern by the specific general conditions. The conditions of access and use of the present website govern strictly by the valid legality and by the principle of good faith engaging the USER to realise a good use of the web. They remain forbidden all the acts that vulneren the legality, rights or interests of third: right to the privacy, data protection, copyright etc. On purpose SIMPLY TRAVEL forbids the following:

1.1.1.- Realise actions that can produce in the website or through the same by any half any type of damage to the systems of SIMPLY TRAVEL or to third.

1.1.2.- Realise without the owed permission any type of advertising or commercial information directly or of form concealed, the sending of massive posts ("spaming") or sending of big messages with the end to block servers of the network ("mail bombing").

1.2.- SIMPLY TRAVEL Will be able to interrupt anytime the access to his website if it detects a contrary use to the legality, the good faith or to the present general conditions- see clause fifth.

SECOND.- CONTAINED.- The contents incorporated in this website have been elaborated and included by:

2.1.- SIMPLY TRAVEL Using internal and external sources of such way that SIMPLY TRAVEL only does responsible by the contents elaborated of internal form.

2.2.- SIMPLY TRAVEL Reserves the right to modify anytime the existent contents in his website.

THIRD.- RIGHT OF AUTHOR And MARK.- SIMPLY TRAVEL Is a mark registered. It remains forbidden the extraneous utilisation by any half of the mark of SIMPLY TRAVEL , that includes so much the name like the logo, except consent express of SIMPLY TRAVEL. They remain reserved all the rights. Besides, the website of SIMPLY TRAVEL -the own contents, the programming and the design of the website- finds fully protected by the rights of author, remaining on purpose forbidden all reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the referred elements protected except consent express of SIMPLY TRAVEL

FOURTH.- JURISDICTION And APPLICABLE LAW.- The present general conditions govern by the Spanish legislation. They are competent to resolve all controversy or conflict that derive of the present general conditions the Courts of Santiago de Compostela renouncing on purpose the USER to any another fuero that it could correspond him.

FIFTH.- In case that any clause of the present document was declared invalid, the other clauses will follow valid and will interpret taking into account the will of the parts and the same purpose of the present conditions. SIMPLY TRAVEL Will be able to not exercising any of the rights and faculties conferred in this document what will not involve in no case the renunciation to the same except recognition express by part of SIMPLY TRAVEL

SIXTH.- For the development of his activity SIMPLY TRAVEL has the previous administrative permission type XG-529 of General Direction of Tourism, with date of resolution 13/08/2013 and date of extinction 13/08/2023.