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Treatment of your personal information:

By means of the use of this on-line shop, the user is conscious and accepts that Simply Travel and his team can recopilar personal and commercial information, and that it is information that identifies to an individual or refers to an identifiable individual. This information recopila through forms. Part of the information requested is compulsory and necessary for the processing of the applications of the user. The information stored and collected is processed by the team of Simply Travel and his commercial partners with the end to provide to the user the best service that request and in the best conditions.

On the other hand, the user is conscious and accepts that his personal data will be able to transfer to the collaborators like part of the process of claims or of rectifications done in the web or to the software. Also they will be able to transfer to the commercial partners with the end to carry out the commercial process.

The treatment automated of the personal data has been declared to the Authority commissioned of the legal data protection in Spain. It will be able to exert his right to access, update, modify and request the elimination of his personal information anytime writing to the following or contact with us in:

C/ Luis Freire number 1, 1º C
15706 - Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Finally, the user is conscious and accepts that Simply Travel can reveal and yield his personal information in case of order expresses of a judge or of a Court of Justice.


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This page is designed to help you to understand more about these technologies and the use of them in our websites and in our services, applications and tools. To continuation shows a summary of some important things that have to know on the use of said technologies.

What is a cookie?

The cookies are archives of small text (usually formed by letters and numbers) situated in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a web page or read a message. The cookies allow that a website recognise a device or browser in particular. As the majority of the web pages, uses technologies that are basically small files of data situated in your device and that allow us register some information every time that visits or interactúas with our webs, services, applications, mail and tools.

Exist several types of cookies:

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Which type of cookies use?

Ours cookies have several functions. Or they are necessary for the operation of our services, help us to improve our performance, and provide you additional functionalities, or help us to show you notable and specific announcements. We use cookies and similar technologies that only remain in your device during the time that have active your browser (session), and cookies and similar technologies that remain in your device during a longer period (persistent).

2. Cookies of our partners

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3. Cookies of third

3.1) analytical Cookies

Can use the cookies to evaluate the performance of our websites, applications, services and tools, even like part of our analytical practices to help us to understand how the visitors use our web pages, to determine if you have interactuado with our messages, if you have seen an article or a link, or to improve our contained web, our applications, services or tools.

3.2) Cookies of social networks

The services of PrestaShop can be used by applications of third so that our users can share content in social networks. "Share this page" can be one of these applications


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